Meetings & Banquets

Conduct your meetings comfortably

Meetings are an essential part of every business hence conducting them in a comfortable and professional environment is absolutely vital for the success of any business. We understand how important these meetings could be and therefore like to offer our world class meeting and banquet space known as the Bay Leaf Banquet Hall. Our team of experts would help you organize successful meetings and all needs would be taken care of right down to the last detail so that the attendees and the organizers are totally satisfied. 

Making your special day momentous

Not only meetings the Bay Leaf Banquet Hall can be used to organize just about anything you wish from weddings and engagement ceremonies to naming ceremonies and get togethers. With a capacity of 200 guests the Bay Leaf is just the right place you would want to conduct any of your functions. A new banquets hall facility in the adjacent wing can accommodate up to 300 guests and its 2 fully equipped board rooms can cater to all your business needs. 


Accessorizing your life with modern facilities

There is only one phrase to describe the facilities at our meeting halls – “State of the Art.” These facilities boast of all the modern amenities needed for successful meetings like live video conferencing, Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity, LED Video Wall, valet parking, laundry and suit pressing service, fax and photocopy center and local and international voice dialing facility, And a Special Board Hall, With our team of expert meeting managers, we can arrange to have these facilities at your disposal so that you can conduct your business meetings with panache and style.

Amazing ambience for all occasions

The wonderful décor and ambience of the meeting hall is guaranteed to help you in conducting the meetings in a formal and professional setting and getting the desired outcome of these meetings. Rest assured the delegates will be more productive and willing to participate in these meetings looking at the spectacular arrangements.